Tailored software packages to suit operations BIG and small

 Not all businesses require the same features in a point of sale system - especially in hospitality!

Say “no more” to unwanted features that you don’t use… or to paying a fortune for the ones you do! Our packages keep your operating costs relative to the size of your business.


How does it work?

Our plans are based on combining key features that are complimentary to each other

Start by selecting a base plan based on the size of your business,

and then choose your add-ons (Control + Regulr) based on what’s important to you!

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Choose from 3 base packages:

$29 /month (+gst)

$10.50 /week (+gst) | $313 /year (+gst)

Ideal for: Espresso Bars, Food Trucks

A package designed specially for our 1 till operators, letting you run a tailored 1 page menu of 50 items or less & could really benefit with some decent analytics of their business with real-time remote reporting.

$65 /month (+gst)

$22.50 /week (+gst) | $702 /year (+gst)

Ideal for: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants

Lets you run up to 5 tills, 10 printers, unlimited menu items, customer accounts, seasonal menus, export reports, surcharge & real-time remote reporting. Aka all the good things you need to operate your hospo venue.

$155 /month (+gst)

$1674 /year (+gst)

Ideal for: Stadiums, Concerts, Venues with 6+ tills

Designed for those large scale venues or events that need to run over 5 tills. You get all the sweet benefits of our medium plan like seasonal menus, ability to export reports, & real-time reporting on your mobile phone, while running around & operating that big venue of yours.


Run an EVEN BETTER hospo business with our add-ons:

*Accessible on any device

*Accessible on any device

Only +$20 per month to get the tools you need to manage what is going on inside your business & help maintain good profits.

  • Eftpos integration to minimise handling errors

  • Cost out your menu with Recipe Builder

  • Quickly see if you are hitting the right GP targets

  • Control you stock movements with Stocktake

  • Improve comms at the pass with Emoji staff logins

  • Effectively run your venue with Table layout

  • Quickly identify cash up variances that are outside your acceptable +/- limits

  • Track which team members are settling bills, and understand where discounts, wastage and complementary items are coming from.

  • Filter your transaction history by payment type, staff member as well as by time/date.

  • Compare daily takings against your last three weeks average.

  • Set a % growth target that you want to strive to achieve daily

Available on  iTunes  &  Google Play

Available on iTunes & Google Play

Only + $30 per month to change the gameplay & extend outside your doors with our mobile ordering app, Regulr.

Increase sales by receiving mobile orders

  • See an increase in regular spend behaviour

  • Improve staff efficiencies without increasing costs

  • Promote your daily specials and advertise opening hours

  • Update and control your menu in real-time

  • Keep your sales numbers in one place

  • Never chase an unpaid tab again

  • Reduce hours of end of week/month invoice admin

  • Increase Social Media followers

  • Reduce your queues, while increasing your turnover

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Can’t decide? Here’s a little extra help:

Q: Am I a Small or Medium package?

  1. Do you need more than 1 order docket?

  2. Do you have more than 50 items on your menu? (Food and Drink, as well as retail items)

  3. Do you want to use customer accounts/invoicing?

  4. Do you want to export your reports?

*If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you will be most suited with our “Medium” package.*

NOTE: Read the “ideal for” section under each package to see what we recommend for your style of hospitality business.

Q: Do I need “Control”?

  1. Do you want to manage your stock with posBoss?

  2. Do you require Eftpos integration (that cool thing that just magically sends your total to the Eftpos machine)?

  3. Would you like to map your table layout?

  4. Do you need a recipe builder to find out your cost of goods?

*If you answered yes to any of the questions above, add “Control” to your plan*

Q: Do I need “Regulr”? (Mobile ordering)

  1. Do you want to build relationships with your customers?

  2. Do you want to let customers order and pay from their phone, directly to posBoss?

  3. Would you like to run secure tabs digitally, and ditch the old tab cards?

  4. Are you looking to increase sales by offering a meal prep plan?

  5. Do you have a takeaway menu that you wish to promote?

*If you answered yes to any of the questions above, add “Regulr” to your plan*