posBoss is ideal for...

From Restaurants and Cocktail Bars to Pop Up Stores, Food trucks or Events, posBoss is ideal for YOUR Business; it's easy to set up, pick-up and train, customisable and flexible, intuitive, works offline, and integrates beautifully with Xero accounting software.


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Espresso Bars

Fast and reliable, on and offline.

Reduces lines at the counter.

Modern look, minimal counter space.

Real time sales data.

Custom build coffee orders easily.

Simple Xero integration.


Meet: Ronak & Nick from Flight Coffee



Versatile! Tailor to your needs.

We grow with you.

Add an iPad, easy!

Quickly adjust prices or add items.

View sales progress from anywhere.

Reduce staff training times.

Send sales data to Xero easily.


Meet: Kieran from Victoria St Cafe

Food Trucks

Works on and offline.

Helps reduce wastage.

Reduces lines at the counter.

Looks great & fits in limited space!

Analyse your optimum locations.

Keeps your Xero account updated.

Takeaway shops

Reduce lines with speed and reliability.

Configure orders easily using mods.

Double print your order dockets.

Easily view sales and get ordering done.

Track sales and busy periods.

Export sales totals directly to Xero.


Meet: Mike from Seize


Ingredient lists at waiter’s fingertips.

Multiple iPads for orders and payments.

Improve comms at the pass.

Complex payments are a breeze.

Simple cash up and reports process.

Reduce admin with Xero Integration.


Meet: Asher from Hilside

Cocktail Bars

Recipes and methods at your fingertips.

Price complicated drinks accurately.

Make changes to your menu quickly.

Track stock movement more accurately.

Looks great and doesn’t take up space.

Works with Xero to reduce admin.

Pop Ups

Easy to set up.

Reduces lines at the counter.

Looks great & fits in limited space!

Works reliably on and offline.

Make changes to your menu quickly.

Use reporting to help you grow.


Simple to learn and use.

Looks great & fits in limited space!

Track stock movement accurately.

Process queues quickly at the counter.

Works reliably on or offline.

Xero integration is nice and easy.


Meet: Kristine from Sweet Release


Music Festivals.

Sporting Events.


Trade Shows.

School Fairs.

Theatrical Performances.