How it Works

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“It’s all in the cloud”

The benefits of running a cloud-based till system are endless - from real time reporting, ease of transferring and integrating data, and security. We’ve set posBoss up to take advantage of all of these, meaning you can:

  • Run your operating POS system OFFLINE, without issues.

  • Edit your controls and access reports from ANY device (including your mobile) at any time.

  • Let customers order directly from their phones with Regulr - sending directly to your posBoss till so all you need to do is swipe right to accept!

Start by choosing your base plan and then the add-ons you require:

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“Operate” a successful business with our POS

Select from our 3 base packages designed to suit different operation sizes:

Small @ $29 pm - Perfect for a small menu of 50 items with a single till

Medium @ $65 pm - Up to 5 tills and unlimited menu items

Large @ $155 pm - When you need anywhere between 6 - 35 tills

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Control (+$20 pm)

Designed to help those who need extra functionality to run their operation:

  • Table Layout (ability to draw out your floor plan to speed up service)

  • Eftpos Integration (Connect your eftpos device to posBoss and reduce handling errors)

  • Stock Management (Track stock movement and cost out recipes to know your margins)

  • Staff Tracking (Have names on dockets and reporting telling you how the team is going)

Watch our Control video now!

Regulr (+$30 pm)

Get Mobile Ordering on Regulr.

Change the game play and extend outside your doors by letting customers order directly from their phones:

  • drive sales

  • promote your menu

  • improve customer relationships

  • hit new sales targets




There are only 5 pieces of hardware you need to use posBoss:

  1. An Apple iPad - our posBoss app (your till) works only on iPads. Why? To make training and supporting you easier.

    • iPads - Air 1, Air 2, 5th generation iPad or newer and the new iPad Air 10.5 inch

    • iPad Mini - 3 or newer

    • iPad Pro 11 inch, 12.9 inch

  2. iPad Stand - something to protect your iPad from getting damaged.

  3. Printer* - only if you need to print out order dockets and receipts. Alternatively use our email receipts.

    • Star TSP143 Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth (NB: not the USB version)

    • Epson TM-T82ii Ethernet

  4. Cash Drawer* - to keep that cash money organised.

  5. Router with Internet access - the router is what creates the wi-fi that lets the iPad send a signal to the printer. Your printers will likely need cables running from location back to your router. To help with this, we are more than happy to jump on a call or answer emails about wiring - It can seem more complicated than it really is.

*We can help supply hardware. The best thing is get in touch so we can work out an estimate cost of setup.



 Set up in 3 easy steps


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Working together to grow your hospo business

A great hospitality business requires many moving parts to work harmoniously, and make an average day go smoothly. We’re doing our part to look after the till side of things, so you can focus on what makes your hospitality business loved by regulars.

Heard enough and want to try it yourself?

Download the posBoss app and take it for a spin in our Demo!