Working together to grow your hospo business

A great hospitality business requires many moving parts to work harmoniously, and make an average day go smoothly. We’re doing our part to look after the till side of things, so you can focus on what makes your hospitality business loved by regulars.

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The POS your business needs, right down to the specifics…

How our packages work | What hardware you need | Get started in 3 simple steps


Start by choosing your base plan, then the add-ons you require:

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1) “Operate” a successful business with our POS

Includes 3 base packages to suit different operation sizes, and starts at just $29 a month!

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2) “Control” what goes on in your business with extra features

Giving you the tools to manage what is going on inside your business to help maintain good profits. Watch our Control video now!

3) “Grow” your sales with mobile ordering

Change the game play and extend outside your doors to drive sales, improve customer relationships & set new sales targets - all with our ordering app, Regulr!

How it Works

“It’s all in the cloud”

The benefits of running a cloud-based till system are endless - from real time reporting, ease of transferring and integrating data, and security. We’ve set posBoss up to take advantage of all of these, meaning you can:

  • Run your operating POS system OFFLINE, without issues.

  • Edit your controls and access reports from ANY device (including your mobile) at any time.

  • Grow your business by letting customers order from their phones - sending directly to your posBoss till so all you need to do is swipe right to accept!

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A voice for our people

Talking to our community not only allows us to capture feedback, but we get users involved when we decide to build a new and cool addition to posBoss; from interviews on real life industry problems, to helping us test features before they’re released, become a part of the posBoss community and be a part of something bigger than just Point of Sale.


What do I need to run posBoss?

posBoss ipad.jpg

An iPad… Really.

You can purchase an iPad directly from Apple or your local Apple reseller. If buying brand new, we recommend getting the latest version iPad (5th or 6th generation).

*please note: posBoss is not currently optimised for use on iPad pro & requires a minimum 32GB storage to run smoothly*

Extras: Hardware

Depending on your style of your business, you may need eftpos, printers, cash drawers and a router. We work with a range of partners to provide you with the right hardware you need

- no hassle!

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 Set up in 3 easy steps


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