What does posBoss do?

We make the lives of hospo owner/operators easier.



Take orders quickly with swipes and gestures.

Print order dockets to different stations.

Split and pay bills easily, without that calculator.

Quick and easy cash up process.

Check how the sales are tracking from your phone.

Locate and email old receipts from any date in the past.

Become a posBoss pro using our self-help tutorials.

We've got your back with our responsive support team.


Cost out your menu and know your margins using our recipe builder.

See how ingredient price changes can affect your menu's margins.

Complete a paperless stocktake using the iPad.

Real-time cash and card breakdowns.

Improve comms at the pass with detailed docket information.

Reduce button pressing whoopsies at bill time with eftpos integration.

Reduce that paper trail with Xero integration.


Get to know their name & make their day

Grow is all about features that help you focus on increasing turnover while maintaining operational costs.

With Grow you are actively promoted on posBoss’ new mobile ordering app Regulr where you can:

Update your Regulr menu in real-time

Attract new customers in the area  

Deliver a unique customer pick-up experience, known as Flip & Pick-up.

For more details on the customers' experience with Regulr visit www.regulrapp.com
Or try it yourself by downloading the Regulr app on the Apple App Store or Google Play


How it works

Just how easy is it to set up posBoss?

Easy as... 1, 2, 3. Seriously... Watch the video below.


Step 1

Allow 1-4 hours

Sign up and build your menu.

*50 menu items = 1hour(ish)

*150 menu items ~3-4hours(ish)

Step 2

Allow 1-2 hours

Setup and configure your hardware.

Step 3

Allow 1-2 hours

Give it a test and train your team!


What do I need to run posBoss?

an iPad. Really.

Purchase directly from Apple or your local Apple reseller.

*please note: posBoss is not currently optimised for use on iPad pro

What else might I need?

You may need eftpos, printers, cash drawers and a router.

It's a good idea to talk to us to help you decide what's best for your business.

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