Supporting the hospo community...

and growing posBoss


Our small team is committed to supporting our community.

We know what working and running  hospo businesses is like and so we’re dedicated to three main things.


Making hospo life easier

Reducing wastage in the hospo industry

Helping our customers succeed

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The posBoss wheel - Customer referrals

To achieve these goals we need to grow… so we decided to put a bit of fun into our customer referral process, while showcasing some of our awesome hospo partners.

And so... Behold, The posBoss wheel!

spin the big wheel posboss community referral rewards.png

Anyone who uses the posBoss iPad app can:

Refer a hospo business to become a member of the posBoss community.

Any legit referral receives a spin of the wheel to win one of our awesome reward packs. If the business becomes a posBoss customer they get an extra month free and the referring customer gets a month of posBoss on us.

Everyone’s a winner!

posboss cocktail hour hospo community event

Getting the hospo community together to help make small differences


We're working with industry pros & customers alike to offer a platform to share ideas, passions, secrets and more. It’s called Cocktail Hour.

We invite our local posBoss customers as well as our hospo partners and have industry leaders speak on a topic - such as Reducing wastage or Sticking to your company ethos.

Get in touch at hello@posbosshq.com to meet someone new & learn something fresh.

Building a community till system


We talk to our community

Talking to our community not only allows us to capture our customer’s feedback, but we get them involved when we decide to build a new and cool addition to posBoss; from interviews on how things should work to helping us test it before we share it with the rest of the community. We know we can’t please everyone all the time but it’s important to us that we get things working right for the majority of our community.

The posBoss team are all passionate about hospo


We keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry

From working shifts at hospo establishments to running festivals. We work with all types of till systems but what we love the most is when we get to use posBoss and “eat our own dog food”.


This allows us to see how the system functions in the shoes of our customers

This allows us to decide on what to build or improve.

This in turn helps our community by offering a more robust and only for hospo till software.