The benefits of hospo co-working @ Worksmith Melbourne.

A reimagining of Goldilocks and the three bears


Although his appearance is more like one of the bears in the tale, our own Goldilocks is none other than our Front of House Operations Manager, Brent.

He looks after the nuts and bolts of the tools that keep posBoss ticking, writes a few words, loves a wine, slow cooks a great rib and speaks with our customer’s voice when we build our products.

Brent’s challenge was to leave the land of the long white cloud to be posBoss’ first feet on the ground in Australia. He planned to meet the people who make hospo tick and get to understand what is needed for posBoss to grow and support the legends of Aussie hospo.
One year later and he felt he’d failed miserably…


He’d tried a couple of different co-working spaces, and each had their merits but that secret ingredient was missing.

  • The first was quite empty and with few to talk to or bounce ideas off, he became dispirited - twirling his beautiful golden curls in thought.

  • The second was full of people but despite trying his heart out, he found them quite disengaged.

Where was the community mindedness he sought? Things were no better off for him.

Worksmith Co-working

Worksmith Co-working

But then... along came Worksmith. A co-working space created specifically with hospo people in mind! Brent was waiting at the door on their opening day and… their porridge was just the right temp!

Brent has really enjoyed watching the space evolve and being a part of the fun. Week by week, more and more hospo people filter through and the space is really starting to buzz.

Our (not so) little Goldilocks has found a home…


Worksmith is a place for hospo related business, from wizard-like liquor entrepreneurs to other creative types turning great ideas into successful business. It’s a place you can work by yourself, with your team or bounce ideas off the impressive community.



Already, posBoss has engaged with several people from marketing gurus, to blogging legends and savvy restaurant owners, to get their input and really help us turn our words into action… Here for Hospo.

There’s an emphasis here of community helping community, which is highlighted by evening presentations, tasting sessions and the W.I.N.E Project - Worksmith. Innovation. Networking. Empowerment.

posBoss’ main ethos is to be here for hospo, and we’re delighted that Worksmith are providing that foundation for us to be able to learn and make a difference in this industry we love.

Working with people like you...

Working with people like you...

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should work in a hospo co-working space.

  1. You’re surrounded by experts - Sometimes you need to throw ideas around and see what sticks. Being surrounded by a wide range of like-minded hospo people gives you a panel of experts to assist you. At Worksmith, the W.I.N.E Project evenings offer the perfect forum for this.

  2. Networking and Events - It’s all about who you know, and being in the right place at the right time is essential. At Worksmith, simply being in the room can give you introductions to people you would normally never get to meet, plus being a member of the community gives you access to many industry events onsite and off.

  3. Working with people like you - Don’t just talk about the weather with those around you. Talk about those hospo things that you live for with people who share the same interests, or ask those hard questions to people you trust... and get inspired!


If you’re hospo and Melbourne based or just passing through & feel like a coffee, come and check out where it’s all happening… Worksmith

Brent Wimmers