South Press - Marty McCaig talks posBoss and Square.

South Press - A story of great wine, seasonal food and cutting edge service - assisted by posBoss and Square.


posBoss and Square partnered in mid 2017. Managing payment through Square offers our customers a flexible way to pay using cards with great financial reporting.

On the flip side, having posBoss as an optional point of sale solution for Square provides their customers with an easy to use, hospocentric (yeah, that word just happened) PoS - great for those with growing hospo businesses or simply for those looking for features designed with our experienced hospo focus.


The background story of South Press - the first customer to take up posBoss and Square integration -  is one of true hospitality.

What do you do when the style of hospo joint you love isn’t available in your area? If you’re Marty and co-owners Adam North and David Maconochie (Hopkins River Beef), you go ahead and build it!


Quality wine bars and off-licenses in the area were few and far between - but South Press is both, and more! It’s a place to relax and engage in great conversation, all the while being discreetly taken care of with a carefully selected wine list alongside freshly prepared and locally sourced seasonal food. And if you like the wine you can take a bottle home. Too easy!

Marty McCaig steers the South Press rudder while also general managing the bars for the Made in the Shade group - The Everleigh and Heartbreaker amongst others. His decision to go with posBoss was an easy one; a simple purpose-built till system with a hospo focus and the mobility to serve his courtyard customers.

Brent (our Front of House Operations Manager and Party Starter) sat down with Marty over a glass of wine and talked about the integration of posBoss and Square at South Press.



‘ familiar’

What were the key decision factors for going with Square and posBoss?

It was the simplicity around the platforms. The integration works really well. The financial reporting in Square looked intuitive and easy to navigate. Basically, It was the ease of using a platform that’s so familiar. It just made sense.



‘Super simple… takes minimal time’

Tell us about the sign up and integration process with posBoss and Square? Any difficulties?

Super simple. It’s efficient and takes minimal time. In about half an hour we were good to go. There weren’t any difficulties, just a small adjustment needed as the technology is different to the old way the banks work - around charging fees. The fee is taken out immediately rather than in the lump sum, which was the bank’s way.


‘...increased our efficiency’

Has the integration of posBoss and Square’s contactless and chip reader changed or improved your service?

Definitely. What it’s done is increased our efficiency.  Using a mini iPad with posBoss and Square (attached) the team no longer have to take courtyard payments at the front counter or lug two devices to the table to settle the bill. It makes payment unobtrusive.  If a customer wants to do a sneaky pay for the table - it’s cool. For splitting bills we can simply place the Square reader in the middle of the table and have a chat to the customers as they pay. The smart tipping is well done and we control how and when we use it.


‘It saves our accounts team time and tracks repeat customers’

Does posBoss with Square save you time on administration?

The functionality of the financial reporting is great and the accounts team being able to access both posBoss and Square saves them time. It’s all at their fingertips. We love how the Square reporting tracks repeat customers. The report gives us meaningful insights on which days are focussed on regulars and which days bringing in the new customers. We can adjust our service and staffing accordingly.


‘Great for businesses that want to run simply and effectively’

That’s all pretty positive. Is there anything else - good or bad?

The integration is very modern and very easy. We haven’t had any problems with it and we get a lot of comments from our customers on how cool it is. Great for businesses that want to run simply and effectively.
Another wine?


Brent Wimmers