Q&A with Elly Bray from Thankyou

As we continue our focus on companies who are hitting all the right marks when it comes to sustainability, we caught up with Elly Bray at Thankyou to hear more about their latest campaign ‘Smells Like A Consumer Revolution’.

The campaign purpose was to communicate what makes Thankyou products different from other brands, focused on the naturally derived ingredients and botanical fragrances, but also to amplify the fact that 100% of the profit helps end global poverty.

As a way of connecting consumers to their impact, Thankyou had an idea. They asked the question, “what would happen if people temporarily were without access to clean water?”

The team installed a pop-up bathroom vanity on the streets of Auckland and asked passers-by to try their hand wash and other products. But, there was a catch.

The difference? When they turned on the tap, the water that came out was brown and looked dirty. Much like the water that 844 million people in our world use every single day.

Hidden cameras were set up to capture their reactions to this moment. A moment where they were temporarily unable to access clean water. Would you wash your hands?

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Q&A with Elly Bray from Thankyou

Q - So where did you get this idea from?

It was a random idea that I woke up thinking about in the middle of the night! The next morning we talked about it as a team, and after a little refining and a lot of help from our campaign partners, we brought the idea to life! For us, this activation represented so much more than a gimmick. We wanted to remind people of why Thankyou products actually exist.

Many of us don’t think twice about clean water but it blows our minds that there are people in our world without access to these basic human needs. We don’t think it’s right that global poverty exists and believe that we can empower humanity to work together to change this. This activation was to emphasise the fact that when you buy Thankyou products, 100% of the profit helps people in need.

Q - And so how was it received?

We loved watching people react. Some people were surprised by the dirty water, and others thought it was gross. But, don’t worry - as people pumped the Thankyou hand wash, the water running from the tap turned clean!

Q - Are you happy with the result?

Getting consumers to try our product was important and we’ve been blown away by the support as people shared their love for our products and the fragrances all over social media! The activation itself went super well, we’re stoked with the reactions on the day and via social media. It was also a great, and simple reminder for our whole team of why we do what we do.

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Thankyou recently launched their wholesale site to make it even easier for us to help make a difference in our venues.

Visit https://thankyou.co.nz/wholesale and join this consumer revolution.

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Brent Wimmers