Kiwi companies that will help to reduce your waste, while saving you time.

posBoss believes that increasing sustainable practises and reducing waste in the Hospitality Industry is a necessary path of growth. We believe in the importance of operating sustainably; being the only feasible way we can continue living without dramatic and depleting effects to animals, plants, the environment, and ourselves.

That being said, it doesn’t have to be hard to increase the sustainability of your business - and there are companies here to facilitate your choice and help save some time along the way! We wanted to introduce you to some of the incredible companies we work with, that can help you use more sustainable practises in your day to day!

But first… What is a “Sustainable Business”?

Being a sustainable business means you are actively working to reduce the negative impacts from your business to the environment - referring to the natural environment, society, your local community & the economy. These impacts come from both what you do and how you do it (your product & the processes to make it).  

Using sustainable practises can not only have a positive impact on your business operations, but also toward your brand reputation and financials. Some of these benefits include:

  • increasing efficiencies

  • improving the value and reputation of your brand

  • Helping to attract and attain staff and environmentally conscious customers

  • eliminating costs

  • bettering your network & channel relationships through shared values

So, lets get this ball rollin’!

There are plenty of businesses out there who are already fighting for sustainable practices & products - so why not use them?!

Here are some incredible kiwi companies who that can help to reduce your waste, while saving you time

Straws + Packaging

“Packaging simply made from plants”  

If you’re still on single use plastic… WHY??

The hottest thing at the moment is packaging made entirely from 🌿PLANTS 🌿! (so much better for the environment, might we add)
Think of everything you could ever want - biodegradable smoothie cups, tabletop napkins, straws and takeaway containers… it’s all ready and waiting for ya!

EcoWare & Innocent Packaging are two awesome brands we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside over the last 6 years - and offer everything your business needs! Their services are simple - Pick your products, order online and get it delivered straight to your door! Easy Right?

They also offer custom branding on their items; giving you a way to stand out by sprucing up your gear with a logo or print.

Say no to single use & check out their websites for some more info:

📸: Instagram: @ecowarepackaging

📸: Instagram: @ecowarepackaging

📸: Instagram: @innocentpackaging

📸: Instagram: @innocentpackaging

Composting & Collection

Ever think about how much food waste and coffee grounds your business generates on a daily basis? Making the simple decision to use a composting service not only reduces the amount of waste taken to landfills, but also helps to put all of the nutrients back into the soil and helps support healthy plant growth.

📸: Instagram: @wecompost

📸: Instagram: @wecompost


These guys are the bees knees of commercial composting; offering a sizeable range of composting bins and collection services for Hospitality businesses & offices. With the large range of different sizes (starting at 8L and going up to 1100L), it’s super easy to find the right size for your business.

WeCompost has recently created separate partnerships with Innocent Packaging and EcoWare - to offer public compost collection services specifically for Hospitality Businesses!

Check them out here:

Visit the WeCompost website website for more info about general collections -

Local Community Farms

Do you have any community gardens nearby? Most community gardens actually offer compost collection services - being the most recent group to join the composting market.

“The more compost we have, the more food we can grow and the more revenue we can make to employ more young people who help make the compost and food for our community” - Cultivate, Christchurch City, NZ.

Keep it local and find out how you can give your compost back to your community gardens.

Here are some of our faves to check out...

📸: Instagram: @cultivatechristchurch

📸: Instagram: @cultivatechristchurch

📸: Instagram: @thefreestorewgtn

📸: Instagram: @thefreestorewgtn

Free Stores

Free stores pick up leftover food at the end of the day from your cafe or restaurant and give it back to hungry members of the community.

They’re an awesome way for you to reduce ‘end of day’ waste and give back to your local community at the same time!

“When you combine hungry people in the community, the masses of quality, wasted food from cafes & eateries daily + passionate people who want to get involved. Something beautiful is bound to happen…” - Kairos Free Store

If you live in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, here are the people you need to get in touch with to get involved:

Sustainable Products

📸: Instagram: @thankyounz

📸: Instagram: @thankyounz

Thankyou - Hand Soaps & Sanitisers

Thankyou is a social enterprise that sells consumer products and commits 100% of profits to helping end extreme poverty. They have an incredible range of hand soaps, sanitisers, and a range of other incredible sanitary products.

Owned entirely by the Thankyou Charitable Trust, these guys distribute their profits to impact partners, with a mission to fund sustainable development projects that will help end global poverty.

Thankyou have just released a new wholesale site!

Check out how you can contribute to their 100% mission just by placing an order -

📸: Instagram: @smartasstp

📸: Instagram: @smartasstp

SmartAss - Tree Free TP

If you love a good pun, you’ll love these guys! They are all about giving a sh*t - offering “Tree Free TP for those who like a wisecrack”.
SmartAss offers subscription based ordering for “Tree Free” products - so once you’ve made your first order you’ll never have to worry about it again!

“With the equivalent of 27,000 trees flushed down the toilet every day, we wanted to produce toilet paper that would have little if any impact on our environment. Smartass is cushiony soft, strong toilet tissue made from sugarcane and bamboo fibers free of inks, dyes, and perfume. So it's kinder to the planet that grew it.”

- SmartAss

At the moment SmartAss are selling Toilet Paper, Tissue Paper & Paper Towels in bulk. Check out their website for more information, puns and how to order -

We told you it was easy!

We’d love to hear some of your stories & who you decide to partner with to improve the sustainability of your business.

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Jonny McKenzie