Introducing Regulr by posBoss - Grow your business by going mobile.

Love your regulars? Listen up.

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Receive Regulr orders on posBoss

Remember when you used to run a tab for your regulars in a scruffy old notebook? Sometimes you didn’t even know their names, so “Bearded Banker” would just have to do. Yes, those were good times… but as it turns out, what’s even better is ditching the notebook and going mobile.
What’s great about Regulr?
The Regulr app is a bit like that notebook behind the counter, but much slicker (and a lot harder to lose). It gives you an easy way to save time, save hassle, and connect with regular customers who are really important to your business. Like Steve, the banker.


Flip and pick up

Through the app, people can customise their account with an emoji and name, then order food and drinks from their favourite posBoss spots.

When they get their order, they just flash the app with their name and emoji, say a quick hello and carry on with their day. It’s easier, more personal, and also fun to use.

At the end of the week, whatever they order is charged to their credit card, which means just one transaction fee for you. Everyone’s a winner.


Evil Genius Lair and bar

Meet our Regulr customers.

The Regulr app is now being used every day in hospitality businesses around the country. Awesome spots like Franks Coffee and Gelissimo Gelateria in Wellington, Simon & Lee and Barulho in Auckland, and Evil Genius and Coffee Embassy in Christchurch.

For Evil Genius in Christchurch, it’s been a game-changer. The vision for the co-working bar and café is all about creating a cool place for people to come and work, but also eat, drink, and have a beer. For owner - Clint - Regulr was something cool and unique they could offer their regular customers that would also help them boost sales.


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Evil Genius' distinctive signage

“We wanted to make the most of our morning and lunch trade, but we also recognise that people don’t have a lot of time, so we wanted to help them out a little.” - Clint, Evil Genius

On top of that, it’s been really easy for the team to use. Clint says that the simplicity has been a big drawcard. Training the front of house staff took next to no time and setting up Regulr was even easier. Five minutes to get up and running, as Clint says, is no small achievement in the sometimes hectic world of hospo.




Want to know more?

If you think Regulr could be right your business, simply get in touch below and we’ll talk you through the ways it could work for you.





Brent Wimmers