Why you should streamline your eftpos payments with integration.


Reduce handling errors and gain trust in your financial figures by sending bill amounts to your eftpos terminal from posBoss - your point of sale software for hospo.

posBoss has been building strong partnerships with eftpos companies across Australasia. We now integrate with Smartpay, BNZ PayClip and Eftpos NZ Verifone terminals in New Zealand. In Australia, we’ve partnered with Smartpay and Square.


Here’s why...


Reducing transaction time at the counter gains efficiency.
First and last impressions with your customers count. With integration, staff spend less time peering at the terminal and more time eye-to-eye with customers.

  • Increase overall customer service

  • Improve your team’s spatial awareness on the floor.

  • Customers feel less frustration at payment time

I would say that it is a big improvement. Far more efficient and streamlines the payment process, making transactions faster and more accurate every time.
— Ben - Buoy Cafe - (July 2017)


Less button pushing leads to less time correcting those errors when it comes to cash up.

  • No more double handling

  • More relaxed and happy counter staff

  • Less apologising for those manual entry whoopsies.

  • Less time spent agonising over variances in your cash up

The new integration is great! Love just pushing a button and everything’s done for me. I just move on to the next customer with no hassle. Smooth.
— Elliot- Vevo Food - (July 2017)

Knowing that your card takings are in good hands is one more load off your mind. Get in touch with posBoss to see how upgrading your PoS system can help improve customer service and reduce financial worries.

Brent Wimmers