Calling all Food Trucks, Espresso bars and all things small!

Introducing our “Small + Regulr” package!

The Serial Griller team!

The Serial Griller team!

When you’re a smaller than small business and operate a few days a week, it can sometimes be hard to keep customers in the know about where you are, what’s on the menu and what hours you’re open for business.

The struggle is real - we get that!

That’s why we’ve created Regulr – an app that helps keeps your customers up to date on your whereabouts and lets them order directly from you. Simply turn Regulr on when you’re trading and you’ll pop up in the app.


Flip and pick up


Let the orders roll in!

To pick-up their order, your customers can flash the app – showing their name and emoji, say a quick hello and carry on with their day. It’s easy, more personal, and also fun to use.


Zaaffran in mid-service!

How do I get Regulr?

Add Regulr to your posBoss plan for +$30 (+gst) per month. Having posBoss and Regulr talking to each other means you can update your menus in real time on the app, as well as turn your discoverability on and off as you please. This will make your life a little easier, and give you full control over your app.

“But I’m not a posBoss customer…” - Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered!

posBoss is super easy to use, the switch is simple and we’re here to help every step of the way!
But If that hasn’t swayed you yet – check out our NEW $29 small package made specially for you!


Feelin' Sublime!

With the $29 (+gst) package you can:

  • Run 1 iPad till

  • Design a tailored menu with up to 50 items

  • Send all your orders and receipts to a printer

  • Track your sales in the posBoss real time dashboard

  • Get remote access to your reporting through your phone

Add Regulr for $30 (+gst) and:

  • Have full control of when you receive mobile orders

  • Update menus with today’s specials

  • Get discovered by new customers that are already using the app

  • Give your regular customers an easier way to order – without having to wait in line or in the cold.

  • Check your mobile sales in the posBoss dashboard with the rest of your analytics.

  • Add a personal touch to your orders by getting to know your customers name!

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 1.10.10 PM.png

But don’t worry about crippling order fees – we won’t take a slice of your pie

Regulr is designed with you in mind – to help grow your sales and bring people to you on the days you’re open. We’ve got over 1000 people using the app already and it’s still early days!

If you think posBoss and Regulr could be right for you, simply get in touch below and we’ll talk you through the best ways it could work for your business.





Brent Wimmers