5 Big Food Trends Coming Your Way In 2019

This change of season we’re bringing you the hottest food trends from around the globe.

Food trends are one of the hardest things to pre-empt as a hospo business owner - but arguably one of the most important. Research shows by staying on top of the trends you prove that your business is worth being talked about. Increased mentions in cuisine articles, magazines, and on customers’ social media makes the effort worth it and gives your customers something funky, new & exciting to try!

Well… we don’t want you to miss the next big thing! We’ve done our research, and are proud to present… 5 Big Food Trends Coming Your Way In 2019!

1) Boozy Kombucha

We’ve all heard of Kombucha - popular amongst many for its rich antioxidants and probiotic effects. In fact, did you know Kombucha is so popular that it’s now been put up for debate if it should be considered a trend or a staple ingredient?

Well the craziness doesn’t end there! We’re still yet to properly meet its reckless older sibling, Boozy Kombucha! More commonly called “Boozy Booch”, Alcoholic Kombucha making its way through the NZ and Aussie markets, and ready for it’s turn at the spotlight.

Brands like Kombrewcha and Booch Craft are already selling it in the US and Canada, and NZ/AUS companies are starting to get creative with fermented booze. We can’t wait to see what creative recipes you bar legends come up with!

Photo:  Booch Craft


Want to try the best of Melbourne's wild ferment products? The Fermentary are opening a retail space soon in the Melbourne CBD at Worksmith's new space ELLA.

2) Fermented & Preserved foods

We all saw this one coming. Fermented & preserved foods have become increasingly popular in cafes & restaurants over the last few years - and the trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

Here’s some words of wisdom from our great friend Sharon, owner of The Fermentary, on what this is being driven by;

“Fermentation not only naturally adds digestive and nutritional value to food and drinks, but longevity as well, effectively saving a season. There have been recent discoveries into the importance of a healthy and diverse microbiome, as well as a keen awareness of the missing depth and complexity of flavour in highly processed foods. This has led people of all ages to celebrate and revere the deep tradition that wild fermentation offers; anything from natural fizz in water kefir to the raw crunch of kraut is a reawakening of how good food should be.” 
- Sharon Flynn,
The Fermentary

So keep your shelves stocked this year - this is just the beginning of our long told love story with fermented foods.

3) Forbidden rice

Black rice, commonly referred to as “Forbidden Rice” is an ancient Chinese ingredient. According to this article“, during the days of the Ching and Ming dynasties forbidden rice was reserved exclusively for the emperors to ensure their longevity and health”.

The black colour of Forbidden rice comes from a coat of black bran, also bringing to life a unique nutty flavour similar to that of brown rice. It can be enjoyed both cold and hot in a variety of different dishes; from Smoothie Bowls to Salads. Due to its nutritional makeup & versatility in the kitchen, Forbidden Rice is becoming increasingly popular with vegetarians and Vegans - making its way to a more common place in the mainstream market.

For some funky recipes and more information about the health benefits of Forbidden rice, check this out.

Photo:  Style Craze

4) Hemp

This one is pretty new to the Australasian market… but oh boy is it going to be a big one! We’ve all seen Hemp take off in a range of products like creams and washes from The Body Shop; but did you know that Hemp is an incredible ingredient to cook with?

There are a million and one ways to cook with hemp!

“It’s culinary uses aren’t to be underestimated. Its seeds can be processed into oil (which is high in essential fatty acids and cholesterol reducing sitosterol, milk (which tastes great), protein powder and flour (which is gluten-free and high in protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals).” - The Daily Mail

Even if you’re just using it for its nutty aromas in a little splash of oil (referred to as “Nature's most perfectly balanced oil” by the Ministry of Hemp), add it to your kitchen order and see what all the fuss is about. Check out these awesome recipes if you’re lost for imagination - there’s a little something for everyone!

5) Tahini

Last but definitely not least - Tahini. This baby has been around for centuries, but now it’s starting to hit mainstream popularity in all kinds of new ways. Tahini is the ground paste of sesame seeds. It looks very similar to peanut butter, and even resembles a slight nutty flavour and aroma.

There are two types of Tahini - unhulled and hulled.

“Unhulled tahini is made from the whole sesame seed and is more nutritious with a more intense, nutty flavour. Although commonly quoted as being a ‘peanut butter alternative’, tahini can also be used as a non-dairy butter or margarine. It is a major component of Middle Eastern foods” - Ceres Organics

Because of this “peanut butter like” texture, Tahini is an incredible substitute in baking for people with nut-allergies. It’s an ingredient that can be baked with, cooked with, and enjoyed in a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. You can even add it to your dressings for a little something special!

Check out this article by Ceres Organics for their funky ideas on baking & cooking with Tahini.


We will have another Food Trends blog coming just in time for the 2019 Winter season. In the meantime. Keep an eye out for our next blog to stay up-to-date on the happs’ in the Hospitality Industry!

Brent Wimmers