Getting Set Up

Posboss is an iPad till app that runs on a wireless network, making it clean and cable free. However, if you do require printers for your business, you will need a few cables to keep the system running smoothly.

To use Posboss, at minimum you will require either:

Image of iPad

iPad 32gb

Image of iPad mini

iPad Mini 2

Please note: Posboss is not currently optimised for use on iPad Pro

You may also require a few extra bits of hardware depending on the needs of your business.

These may include:

Image of Eftpos Machine

Eftpos Machine

Image of Network Cables

Network Cables

Image of Heckler iPad Stand

Heckler iPad Stand

To get your hardware ordered and set up can take up to two weeks.
Please ensure you set aside enough time. Get in touch to discuss the requirements for your business.

Image of Printer


We currently support the Star Micronics Tsp 100/143 & Epson TM-T82II model Ethernet printers. There are multiple models of these printers and only the Ethernet versions will work with Posboss. These are for printing order dockets and receipts over your wireless network as well as opening your till drawer.

For the printer to work it must be physically connected to your router or wireless extender with a network cable. NB: This needs to be the same router running the wireless network that your iPad is connected to.

You can set up one printer to print multiple order dockets for different sections eg Cabinet & Coffees. A printer can receive instructions from multiple iPads.

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Image of Router


For Posboss to work at its best you will require an Internet connection. The Router is the device that is usually provided to you by your internet provider. It is here that you will set up the name of your Network & password. It is important to keep your password handy for when setting up Posboss.

Note: the router is one of the devices your printer needs be physically connected to via a network cable in order to receive instructions.

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Image of Network


The network is what your router generates so that your printers and cash drawer can be given instructions wirelessly from the iPad. It can also provide your internet connection, which is needed for Posboss to save your data to the cloud as well as sharing data between linked iPad tills (if used).

We recommend naming your network discretely to prevent customers asking to connect. If you are providing a wireless Internet connection for staff and customers, we highly recommend this is set up on a separate network to avoid network issues.

Image of Cash drawer

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer is used to hold your float and any cash you receive during business.

It physically connects to a printer in order to receive the ‘open’ signal on cash/card payments.

Posboss requires a cash drawer to have a 24v receiver through a RJ12 type cable (looks similar to a phone jack).

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Image of Wireless extender

Wireless Extender

A wireless extender can be used when physical cabling is not feasible for your environment. We highly recommend that any wireless extenders are the same brand and fully compatible with your router. You may require a network specialist to help set up your wireless extenders.

How it all connects

Here are a few example diagrams of common Posboss setups:

Image of Posboss setup Option 1

Posboss with one printer, cash drawer and router creating a network.

Image of Posboss setup Option 2

Simple setup with a kitchen printer.

Buy Hardware

These amazing hardware providers help us make sure you get everything you need to run Posboss:



Let's talk about what's ideal for your business